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26 / 41

Not a bad score right?  63% is a pass!

Except that’s the number of teaching weeks this year.  15 more weeks before I can take the 6 weeks that non-teachers think are unfair and unnecessary.  15 more weeks of wondering on a daily basis if one of these little cherubs is going to cross the line and get themselves strangled.

The upside is that I’m now carpooling so I don’t have to ride to and from work in the same day.  A 47km one way trip is much more achievable than a 94km round trip.  And to prove my point I rode home from work twice last week, making last week the 7th biggest mileage week 4th biggest mileage month this year.

I’m currently negotiating the roster allocation because week-for-me, week-for-you means flip-flopping between huge miles and none.  I’m going for me to drive Wednesday, Friday and alternative Tuesdays giving me Monday and Thursday on the bike. 

It smells like a nice idea.

If it works.


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That’s twice…

… in less than a week that MSN has let me log in and post.  I don’t actually have a post prepared because I click the link on my custom favourites every single day and get nothing in return but that bizarre half-logged-in "Continue" screen, then nothing.  But I just wanted to acknowledge the quantum leap MSN has made in letting me log in twice in 8 days.
2 thumbs way up.
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MSN Spaces sux – as does my cycling

Is everyone else as disappointed with the ongoing login problems plaguing MSN Spaces?
Yep, that’s what I thought.  No-one has responded.  Because no-one has been able to get connected and see my cry for help.
Maybe one day it will all be sorted.  Or maybe one day I’ll be proactive enough to seek out another blogging service, or innovative enough to register a URL and get my own blog hosted somewhere cheap.  And by cheap I don’t mean inexpensive; I mean inexpensive and proportionally crappy.  But anything is a step up from the level of crappiness you get with a competely free product like this.
And so you know, just like MSN Spaces, my riding is in the toilet.  The new job I started 4 months ago last Friday is a near perfect 48km (30mi) from home.  So in the 77 available working days I have managed to ride to work exactly once.  That’s 7300km (4500mi) of riding gone begging.  In contrast with what could have been, what actually was is this… 13 rides in the past 126 days for a total of 488km (303mi).  Sort of OK unless I put an asterisk against those numbers and say that 4 of those 13 rides totalled 292km (181mi).  That leaves the 9 other rides averaging less that 22km (14mi) each.  Any wonder I’m back into wheezing-at-the-top-of-the-stairs mode.
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How’s things…?


I’m living proof that you can get in way over your depth without anybody noticing.  I can’t believe how busy and stressed I am right now.  I think I’m hovering right on the edge of sanity that awaits any 41 year old 10 weeks into a career backflip.  I’ve lost 11kg in that time despite riding less than 80km.  But I’m offsetting the lack of riding with a lack of sleep.


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just quickly


When I got home from work last night, my wife demanded that I take her out to some place expensive… So I took her to a petrol station!!!


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Week 7

Week 7 is a groovy bit of school vernacular.  What it means for most teachers is that the holidays – and associated respite from hordes of teenagers – are only a month away.

What it means for me is that I’ve been on the steepest learning curve of my life for 50 days.  Every single day I discover something new that it would have been nice to know a week earlier.  Most days I discover something I was supposed to do yesterday.

Like today.  Today I discovered I should have had at least 3 lessons observed by my department head and 1 lesson observed by a deputy principle by now.  And it’s my job to invite them into the classroom, they don’t want to force themselves on me, and especially not unannounced.  Their job is to make sure that I can do my job, not to stress me into the dirt.  But a big long checklist to work through, handed to us on January 22nd would have been nice.

Today I said that out loud to “those above”.  Now I have another job to do on top of everything else.  I have to develop said checklist.

The good news is that means I’m “proactive” and “contributing”.  When you stack them in on top of the words “physics major” it all adds up to… I’m gold.  And that’s before I hand them a new work program sometime soon because the other physics teacher didn’t write one last year when the state authority published a new syllabus.  Then I’ll be gold plated gold.

Now all I’ve got to do is strap on my safety harness and ride this rollercoaster all the way to retirement.


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