If I were to have a blog of my own what would I write about?

Someone suggested that I should start my own little corner of the WWW for folks to visit and unwind.  Well, there you go.  If I remember rightly, this is the first thing this year that I didn’t procrastinate about so long that it went sour in the sun.


But I can’t help wondering why I wonder why I wonder what people think of me?  Does that make me introspective, or introverted, or ultraparanoid?


Maybe I’ll be a one hit wonder, just like that band… you know who I’m talking about.  What’s their name again?  Doesn’t matter.  That was the ’80s and I’m pretty sure it’s finished.


I’m sure to think up something else cool to say, but in the meantime remember

I might look like BIG Mike
but I’m
skinny on the inside











I am using this entry as a storage space for pictures.  Pretend they don’t exist and they will be referenced within future entries as you move toward the present day.

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15 Responses to If I were to have a blog of my own what would I write about?

  1. a says:

    First. Comment. Ever.Everybody stand up ‘cuz BIG MIKE is in the hooooouuuuuusssssseeeeee…I’ll probably never get anything done at work ever again.

  2. Fat says:

    I must confess, after reading all the comments on fatty’s page from you and the encouragement from others to star this blog, I can’t wait to read what you have to share. ~ Fat Chick

  3. Zed says:

    Go BIG MIIIIIIKKE!!!!!!!!!Right on for giving in to peer pressure. I’m sure it’ll rock.One thing I’ve got to tell you, though, when you write ’80s, as in the decade, the apostrophe goes before the 8, indicating the missing numbers 19. I know, I suck because I’m a punctuation/grammar fanatic who can’t spell. Hey, we’ve all got our quirks.

  4. Fat Cyclist says:

    you know what i want you to write about? i want a full, multi-part detailed description of THE CRASH. we’ve had glimpses into it, now it’s time for the whole thing.

  5. Unknown says:

    Good luck with the BLOG BM.Now, WTF is a vegemite sandwich?

  6. Ariane says:

    Dude. Score. Knew you couldn’t resist the siren song of the MSN Space forever.BTW: It makes you a masochist. Since starting my blog (of late has been horribly neglected) I’ve spent many a precious hour blogging rather than studying, which has lead to many a sleepless night in the land of Toad.Congradulations, you’re now one of us… (you know, like in that movie "Freaks": "one of us one of us, we will make her one of us…gooble gobble gooble gobble…")

  7. BIg Mike In Oz says:

    nikared – welcome and congratulations on comment #1. And just like in real life… because you were my first I am obliged to stalk you for all eternity. Remember, I’m only 10,000 miles away… and I’m watching you.FatFitnessChick – I’m funny when the pressures not on. We’ll have to wait and see about this new side of me.Caloi-Rider – That’s me, caving in again. Peer pressure, the fridge. It’s all the same. And thanks for the heads up on the apostrophe. My maths lecturer would have heart failure at the sloppy use of numbers if I wasn’t spot on.fatty, craig – If I start out answering requests I won’t need to come up with a fresh idea until at least next Tuesday.Toad – I was already one of you, just shy. Sleep, what’s sleep. I had 6 hours lectures yesterday, followed by 7 hours at work, followed by 5 hours sleep bringing my 3 day total to 11 hours sleep.

  8. Unknown says:

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