Sleep Deprivation and Caring for Kids

If I start rambling… that’s normal.  If I continue to ramble forever and never make it back to the point, that’s because I’m cruising along on 9 hours sleep over the last 3 nights.  Not 9 hours each night totalling 27, rather 9 hours combined total for 3 nights.  That’s parenting in a nutshell.. 


Tuesday night I have no excuse for 3 hours total sleep.  I don’t even know what I did, let alone being able to validate the stupidity with a reason or excuse.


Wednesday night I have a great excuse for 1 hour total sleep.  One word – nikared.  At 11:13pm (a reasonable time for bed) I posted “The Prequel to The Ambulance Ride”.  The first half of the story got my head buzzing and I started part 2.  The head start would make for an easy night Thursday.  Then a little later I was seriously thinking that enough was enough and saved the draft and though I would just check for comments on the first half.  At 1:40am the following was posted


Aaauuuugh… MIKE you are such a tease. Don’t leave us hanging like this… Do to the time difference isn’t it our tomorrow there? So, come on man, post the rest of the story all ready…

Okay, I’ll wait (impatiently), but will check back so often it will definitely pad your hit stats.


Published By nikared


I don’t want to upset an addict going through withdrawals so I decided to soldier on.  At 4:53am I posted “The Ambulance Ride” and went to bed.  At 6 am the alarm went off and I arose to prepare for a 7am start at work.  1 hour. 


Thursday night was the night of the most recent ‘blood pressure event” in my life.  I worked from 7am to 2pm.  Home, shower and promptly away again, to tutor students at a homework club run by the local Salvation Army.  My wife was at work and mum was at our house baby sitting the heirs to my future fortune.  I got home at 6pm to be told by mum that the pink princess had landed awkwardly in the backyard.  Mum had done everything by the book first-aid wise, and with nothing obvious showing and me due home in an hour, the princess was set up on the lounge with a lolly and an icepack.  She was asleep when I arrived home so I left her and had dinner with mum and the boys.  She woke screaming and I took off the ice pack for a look.  Mum is 68 with ailing eyesight.  She had done the wiggle your fingers, bend your wrist and elbow, raise your arm over your head test.  She failed to notice something that was glaringly obvious to me.  My daughters left forearm was straight and the right one had a curve in it.  And she continued to screaming.


Shoes, wallet, keys, kid, GO.  In that order, that fast.  15 miles in 11 minutes.  According to the real estate agents we are close to everything.  CRAP.  The ambulance would have still been 2 suburbs from my house when I was pulling up at the hospital.  My wife came from work straight to the hospital.  I dashed home for a shower and to pack a bag.  After x-rays the doctor on duty said an orthopaedic surgeon would need to see her in the morning.  We were settled up in the ward about 12:30am and both asleep fairly quickly.  Just before 6am a nurse disturbed me while doing her observations.  5 hours sleep.


The bones in the break had moved and were overlapping.  Princess was booked into theatre for 8am to wrestle everything back into place.  8am. That’s right in the middle of the commuter rush, right?  Most commuter accidents are all about impatience and mangled cars.  Not today.  Our theatre got commandeered.  10am she was taken up to get ready.  Noon she was back in the room.  The surgeon spoke with us as we walked back up to the room.  She was supposed to be observed for 4 hours and then released.  But someone didn’t read the entire post-surgery instruction sheet.  Observations, yes.  Released, “um… hang on… I’ll just make a quick call”.  I had left it too late to query the release and everyone who knew the surgical side of the case had gone home, so the necessary paperwork couldn’t be completed for her release.


As I write, my wife is spending the night at the hospital. 


The picture was taken around midnight on the first night, just before we were taken up to the ward, temporary splint on the right arm, cannula on the left.  She’s a tough little princess.



 – – – – – – – – –

If you read my news flash yesterday you may notice that I have since stepped back from blaming the trampoline.  The adult present was distracted by Mr7 and Mr10 trying to behead each other with tennis racquets and was therefore looking the other way at the moment of impact.  Further, the 3 children all tell different versions of the story which involves either the trampoline or the climbing castle or jumping from one to the other.

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10 Responses to Sleep Deprivation and Caring for Kids

  1. AO says:

    The really embarassing thing for me is that I just realized I should have used ‘due to the time…’ not ‘do’. It’s bad enough that it was in the comments, but now you’ve gone and posted it in an actual entry…The splints just add grit to the beautiful little princess. Hope she has a speedy recovery, and I hope you and Mrs. MIKE get a chance to catch up on some sleep this weekend.Cheers!

  2. BIg Mike In Oz says:

    nikared – here was I thinking it was just a cute accent. sleep… hah. lectures have finished. 2 weeks of exams before summer break.

  3. Fat says:

    She IS quite the trooper! I hope you get some rest! Still sending my best wishes.~ Fat Chick

  4. Unknown says:

    Oh, Mike! How ghastly for her and for all of you! I had four broken arms as a kid… not at all fun. After the initial trauma, the worst part is the itching under the cast. I also had measles when casted and chicken pox another time when casted.I think you pegged it about my mean old rooster! I think he was just too dang tough, especialy for a dull axe, and it simply bounced off, after severing part of the neck and pissing him off big time.And someone else mentioned that it was his final revenge.. being too dang tough to be edible.Give the princess a gingerly hug from me! Love the eye covers… LOLOLOL!!!Hugs,MuMo

  5. Ariane says:

    Wow Mike, your whole clan here is hard-core. First, you regale us with the tales of cranial and vertebral destruction from your track days, then you post this photo of your girl, looking calm and collected, despite two broken arms. I am quite sure that your four-year old could kick my ass, even with the busted arms.

  6. BIg Mike In Oz says:

    FFC – she has given me a lesson in toughnessMuMo – it’s coming into summer but the house is airconditioned so itching should be minimal. That plus the cast will only be on for 4 weeks hopefully. Hugs are a bit iffy at the moment. Kisses on the forehead work a treat though.Toad – she wasn’t calm, she was just winding up for another charge at the hospital staff. The next morning a nurse was asking her a long series of questions and she had enough. How cute was my princess echoing through the ward "Will you pleeeease shut the hell up!?!?!"

  7. Sue says:

    She does look serene(ity?) in that picture, and cute too. Calm like a bomb, eh?Botched

  8. Unknown says:

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