The False Start

Sorry everyone, but this is a false start.  I have an exam in 7 hours and I don’t even know the course title, let alone the content.  I’ll have a real story in about 12 hours, maybe something structured like a 2 hour exam about Biodiversity and the Environment.  There you go, I DO know the course title.  Now if I can find a pencil and learn to spell my name I’ll be on a winner.
Apologies to Dr Helen Wallace who wishes her students would pay more attention to this subject than I could possibly ever achieve.
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5 Responses to The False Start

  1. Unknown says:

    LOL! I know exactly how you feel! Even the title of the course is totally daunting but I’ll bet it’s interesting.Thanks for your support with that weirdo, Mike! I don’t get a lot of negative stuff, so it really doesn’t bother me all that much, but I really wonder why people go out of their way to seek out something to find fault with. I can’t help but suspect it’s a need to feel "better" than others because of low self-esteem.Hugs to you and yours,MuMo

  2. Unknown says:

    I hope the exam doesn’t cause cancer. Thanks, by the way, for the suggestion (tempting Karma, as I am a known KBH) regarding potential vicarious cancer induced by Nikared’s moral and manly feebleness for butt-sucking (ciggies of course, that is). I appreciate the nod.

  3. Fat Cyclist says:

    you know, between your blog and a.toad’s blog, i really and truly don’t miss school even a small amount.

  4. AO says:

    pay no attention to rocky, he is a sore loser. and ignore the comment about how he really won, that was just to soothe his bruised’s probably too late, but good luck on the exam.

  5. Sue says:

    I need help with a physics problem I’m working on over at Nikared’s place. Can you help?I think I accidently left your space open on my computer at work with a partially finished comment. oops.I was going to say that I took quite a few of those classes. I feel your pain. They were generally fairly easy, and yet I didn’t always do too well on them because of the boring factor.I am seriously considering getting a (fake) eyebar tattoo and then hiding in the bushes by fatty’s house and jumping out when he walks by and winking and nodding. I wonder, if you put on an eyebar tattoo and then went to your local bike store and hung out whether anyone would know what it was.Botched

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