I’m struggling

I’m working on an entry at the moment and will have it posted within 24 hours.  It’s more important than the goat.  And it’s a tough topic but I want to give it the respect it deserves.
In the meantime I apologise to my readers.  I promise to get back to a healthy 4 or 5 entries per week as of NOW.  Well not right now, it’ll obviously take a week.
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62 Responses to I’m struggling

  1. Big Guy on a Bicycle says:

    Take your time. We’ll be here.

  2. Tom Stormcrowe says:

    No problem, Mike! By the way, I believe we need to induct Tayfur Yagci into the OI! He is certainly deserving and I will send you the Eyebar pic of him in email! Consider this official sponsorship!::GRIN::

  3. Sue says:

    F5 . . . F5 . . . F5 . . .F5BotchedP.S. More snow here in Salt Lake City. Just a skiff, but it looks cold and wet out there. And I swore I would ride today. . .

  4. AO says:

    i wasn’t worried you were dead or anything b/c i see your comments all over the ‘net, but i was worried you had lost the directions back here to your own space…

  5. Kelly says:

    I’m starting my watch…tick, tick, tickThose ‘tough topics’ take some time, huh? Yeah, I’m ready to get back to the funny on my own site. Been wayyyy too serious of late.Hang in there!Kelly

  6. Fat Cyclist says:

    maybe we could start a pool on what topics big mike is struggling with. whoever wins, mike sends some peanut butter oreos to.possible topics:1. pros and cons of processed cheese2. why he was justified in killing some old lady’s dog while on his postal rounds yesterday3. his frustration at just not having much to say in the comments section with regards to all the "boy, it sure is cold over here" posts in the blogs on his daily rounds (caloi, a.toad, me)4. a really good, long story about an epic ride from his glory days (personally, i’m hoping its this one. i love big mike’s epic ride stories. they make me want to move to australia.).5. an announcement that he has decided to remove the bar in front of his eyes. it’s time for the world to see big mike, and for big mike to see the world. this would rock the blogosphere6. an impassioned plea to "The Best of MSN Spaces" about why it’s his turn to be featured, complete with a signed affidavit from his writing teacher and a petition with 20,000 names (it’ll happen mike, it’ll happen. trust me. and be patient.).and, as disappointed as i am to say it, i imagine there’s a seventh possibility, based on a comment mike left over at my sister’s blog last night:7. an extension of the joke my sister is currently playing on me over at her blog. in which case, mike, allow me to preemptively say: LOL!

  7. Kelly says:

    I have gone to the chiropractor twice now…and I’m pain free this morning. He did take x-rays of my neck and back and I wish I could post the x-rays on my blog. I have an alignment problem…but he says he can fix that. By the way…I can’t swim. I would love to…but I’ve never learned how. I know…I know…I’m a freak. hahaYou can take the picture called "Incognito" where my mouth and chin are covered up. It will be funny with my eyes covered up too…Kelly

  8. Unknown says:

    Hmm….experiencing a little writer’s block, eh Mikey? Here’s the thing. All that KBH talk has won you a prize. What the un-indoctrinated do not know is that KBH is transferrable. And as you well know, I have a very very large surplus of the bad K. Merry Christmas.

  9. Steven says:

    I hope that the long awaited entery is where we should send all that extra christmas money we have around. And I aggree with the Big Guy on a Bike with his Goat, take your time, we’ll be here waiting…waiting…still waiting…

  10. Stephen says:

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ooooO~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(……..)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(……)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\…..(~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(___)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Just wanted to let all My friends know thatI haven’t forgottenabout them. I’ll be backto continue ‘harassing’you all as soon as I’mfeeling better. (LMBO)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ooooo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(…….)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\….…)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ )..…/~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(___)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~looking forward to the post you mentioned above Mikey.s.

  11. Stephen says:

    With regard to Fatty’s comment, I’d rather have a jar of ‘Vegamite’s.

  12. Sue says:

    I’m guessing he’s working on justifying a new hairstyle trend, "The Smooth-Top Mullet". You know, bald on top, long in the back.Botched

  13. cosmogrl says:

    More important than the goat? Wow! This must be serious! BTW, have you figured out a name yet for the poor four-legged beast? I’ll be waiting with baited breath….–Wen 🙂

  14. AO says:

    ‘baited breath’… that’s what that smell is, and i was going to blame it on the goat… sorry, goat.

  15. Laura says:

    Don’t worry, well keep looking for a post, we are pesty like that…Hope all is well.Peng

  16. Ariane says:

    Yeah… My blog has been rapidly falling into disrepair as I have been absolutely bogged down with class work of late. It sounds so lame, but one of the big reasons I am looking forward to winter break is so that I’ll have more blogging time. Oh dear…

  17. Unknown says:

    Biggy–I am growing concerned that you might have broken your brain. Between you and Nik going stealth, I am beginning to wonder if all that talk about KBH transference was, well, more than just talk. It’s strange, but that little black cloud that so often follows me around has been conspicuously absent of late. I guess that sucks for you.

  18. Unknown says:

    Just came to say g’day, Mike!Hugs,MuMo

  19. BIg Mike In Oz says:

    Here it comes. 2 hours to go. Thanks for the encouragement everyone.Big Guy – are you baby sitting the goat for the Pilgrim or did you get another for yourself?Stormy – got the pic thanks.Botched – I was at the beach most of the day for a Christmas party for the boys karate dojo. 90 bloody fahrenheit.nikared – I had the URL but lost the password.Mocha – smile, serious, smile, serious… it’s a delicate balance.fatty – if only #7 were fictitious. Brace yourself. te he (is that a chortle or a chuckle?) And thanks. That list looks like a December contents list for my blog.Kelly – come visit me in Australia. We’ll teach you to swim – FAST. Either that or the crocs and sharks will have a feast. There’s nothing like strong motivation.Rocky – I’m sitting here grinning. We had a storm here Thursday that dumped 11 inches of rain in 2 or 3 hours. 3 people were hit by lightning, all less than 10 miles from me. I was out in it doing the delivery thing, knowing that my personal forcefield (KBH) would protect me. (raises face to sky and beats chest like tarzan) You’re a life saver, literally.The Evil Twin – I was going to abbreviate you to TET but if I use the wrong middle finger for your middle letter… BTW, nice guess.Pilgrim – I know you’re burdened with the goat and all, but could you please wipe your feet next time. If you win you can choose.Botched – I’m over all that making myself beautiful for the paparazzi rubbish. Number 2 clippers every second Sunday night.Wen – Maybe a ballot or a competition. You’ll have to wait and see.nikared – Hey, you’re the straight man alright, you feed to me for the punch lines. You’re on semi-watch-yourself probation. Now I can’t be witty or sincere.Peng – Amazing. That’s twice now I’ve written a 2 paragraph 6 sentence teaser with nothing in it and had nearly 20 comments. If fatty retires, I’m ready for the call up.Toad – I was posting 5 a week right through the semester and now I’ve fallen to a post every 3 days since exams finished – go figure.Rocky – Nothing of the sort. I mowed Saturday and a huge rock kicked up and hit one of the windows. I had the whole slow motion impending doom thing happening… and it bounced off. I see a significant "bad" event in your future. You’re like an insurance policy. Hey, nothing personal. And if it’s bad enough, I’ll send flowers.MuMo – I’ve been lurking on you.

  20. Tom Stormcrowe says:

    Rocky, I think I kniow where your BAD Karma went to! Tom over at Gorilla on a Bike has it!::GRIN:: The guy’s been having some rough luck! http://gorillaonabike.blogspot.com

  21. Kelly says:

    A trip down under sounds great…but expensive.Maybe if I throw a couple of scary animals into the YMCA pool while I’m in it…do you think that might work to teach me how to swim?? =)Kelly

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