How can “WE” help?

By WE, I mean the society with no eyes and no name.


This is serious.


I’ve had a hard time thinking of how to approach this subject.  I’m a funny guy.  Apparently.  Many, many years ago someone told me so, and I was happy with the social implications of the tag so I just sort of became what they perceived me to be.


When I’m happy I joke to celebrate. When I’m sad I try to be funny to drag myself out of it.  When someone else is down I refuse to leave them without seeing a smile first.  When I’m physically hurt I joke to help calm the worrying bystanders.  When I’m mentally hurting I joke to defend myself.  When I’m nervous I joke to break into the environment and find a friendly face.  But when I’m in uncomfortable territory I go all quiet.  Thus the delay in getting this posting completed.


Here we go.


I love life.  I believe that everyone should have an opportunity to love life.  I want to help.  I live to help.  I hate pain and suffering (mine especially, but others as well).  I may well be the only person on the planet who gets teary when the charities run campaigns on TV.  I sometimes offer help when it is beyond my capacity to help. 


There are a lot of people who need that help.  There are more people in more places than I could ever hope to help myself.  Especially since I don’t even have a passport.  If you are reading this it means you are most likely in a country with a fairly good social structure which, among other things, provides some kind of support for people in need.  There are many places around the world that either can’t or don’t support the needy among them.


This is not a political commentary.


I have no (public) opinion as to the reasons for the suffering of these people.  Whether it was mismanagement by their own government, inequities created by an invading society and the associated new government forcing the indigenous population into a minority status or some other reason.  I have neither the time nor the qualifications to determine who is in greatest need of help.  But there are many organisations whose only business is trying to minimise the suffering of people in these situations.  World Vision has been consistently identified as having one of the fastest and highest percentages of donations from source (you) to destination.


nikared recently posted something about Christmas charity experiences and put forward a proposal:

Christmas 2005:  My wife got a new ring last year (not $16,000 but still…) so I figure this is my year.  I came across this site and as soon as I saw it, I knew this was where my extra Christmas money would be going this year.  If you haven’t gotten anything for yourself yet this year, I would urge you to visit and pick out something.  I probably won’t get the $16,000 one, but they have less expensive options, too.  Here’s the site.  Happy shopping!

 Let’s do it.


You can always flip a coin into the hat on the ground in front of the gay amputee midget playing the banjo outside your favourite shopping mall.  But this Christmas let’s make a difference in the life of someone who will never even see a banjo, let alone a gay amputee midget.


I propose that OUR SOCIETY, the society with no name and no eyes, makes a team effort.  We will be helping people who need it the most.  The beauty is you get to choose who you help.  There are options for assisting Tsunami and Earthquake victims on the subcontinent, farming resources for African villages, or if you want your money to stay closer to home (for most of you), the gulf hurricane victims.


Something for everyone.


There are items available from $25 dollars up to $18,700.  You are welcome to go directly to the World Vision site.  If $25 is beyond your budget, or you want to participate as part of a group gather your friends together, decide on an amount and go directly to World Vision. 


If you don’t have the time, or the money, or the friends (or any combination of these) I have one more alternative for you.  I can be your friend and we can donate together.  I have established a Paypal® account using my email address   When making your payment, include as much of the following as you feel comfortable; your blog name, blog address, email address, preferred gift (this information is between you and me, and goes not further.  I will endeavour to put people who select the same gift together and actually get that gift).  The Paypal® payment page looks a lot like a webmail page and this information can be placed in the notes part of the transaction and it will come to me in an email to confirm your contribution.


In all cases I would love to include participants in an acknowledgement posting of some sort.  All contributions will be acknowledged equally.  No-one is in a position to pass judgement on who gave what, when, where or how.  It is not our place to know whether a $10 contribution is one minute’s income or half a week’s wage, neither do we expect to know. 


Acknowledgement will be by a simple list displaying your blogging identity (with blog address if you have one).  Nothing more – no email address, no amount, no date.  If you wish to confirm a donation but wish to remain anonymous simply mention this to me in your message.  Your spot on the list will look like this:

john smith
mary smith
jim jones
marj jones


The moral and legal aspects of this endeavour.


Many people are uncomfortable dealing with money matters over the internet.  Who am I?  For all you know, the family in my blog photos may be buried out behind the barn.  If you are uncomfortable with this proposal at any level, do not participate. 


Deal directly with World Vision through their website, or you can correspond with them twentieth century style at: World Vision P.O. Box 9716, Federal Way, WA 98063-9716  Print out the gift page you want to donate and staple a cheque to it.  I’m sure they can handle it.  Just remember though that the more manual you make the process the higher their overheads are and the more your donation must be used for administration rather than the “real” work.

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83 Responses to How can “WE” help?

  1. serf says:

    Waiting with baited breath. Or maybe that should read breath that smells like bait. Catfish bait to be specific.’rett

  2. BIg Mike In Oz says:

    OK, enough of the tacky little teasers. This is the real deal.

  3. Christy says:

    I did something like this on THE WEBSITE after the Tsunami. People were very generous. I find most people want to help, they simply don’t know how.I’m involved in the adopt-a-family program for families of people who work for my company and were affected by the storms this year but I think I can conjure a lil’ something in my paypal acct. I’ll get back to you 🙂

  4. tayfuryagci says:

    big mike you made me understand even more clearly that blogging cyclists have big hearts. 🙂 right after the tsunami and the pakistan earthquake I donated as much as I could over telephone. we live in a time when giving is essential.

  5. Stephen says:

    Big Mike – This was worth waiting for.Actually I’ve been thinking about this ever since I read the post by nikared.Well done on this, and count me in. I think maybe I’m gonna buy somebody a goat.s.

  6. Steven says:

    O.K., we can do this. To the other members of the blind nameless group, I said that I would give/match the first $5 or 500 pennies that came in and I will (when pay day gets here) and I don’t really care how it gets spent. With that in mind, my vote is toward the livestock (cow or goat). But that doesn’t if there is enough to pay for the well not to get it.Thanks, Big Mike for picking up the ball to make it easer for those of us in the smaller income group to get together to make a big difference.

  7. Mrs. David says:

    This time, I really am going to plagiarize.It’s worth it.~Sia

  8. AO says:

    thanks for putting this all together MIKE. you rock, and you’ll be hearing from me shortly.

  9. Fat Cyclist says:

    big mike’s got a big heart.

  10. Laura says:

    Someone has been very busy doing good things I see. Is this open to non members too. Have a good going postal ;-]Peng.

  11. BIg Mike In Oz says:

    SFM – Have you noticed how an F looks a bit like "&" in some fonts? That would make your abbreviation S&M. Sorry, off topic commenting in my own blog. Everyone is basically good, some just need a little push to remember.tayfuryagci – aw shucks. Pilgrim – you’ve already got a goat. Just call World Vision and find out where to fax it to.TheEvilTwin – We are currently sitting on US$105.00 and you’re next up to bat.nikared – It’s a team effort.fatty – I need a big heart to pump love to the other side of the world.Peng – It’s open to anyone with internet access.

  12. Tom Stormcrowe says:

    Mike, I’ll be using US Mail myself, not a reflection on you, but right now I don’t have paypal and I don’t use credit cards at all! Like Fatty, your altruism is showing! It’s nice to see this going on! See ya ’round the blogoverse!

  13. Courtney says:

    Hey, thanks for the tattoo!(Now, what is the story behind the tattoo? I’m not going to get Hepatitis or anything, am I?)

  14. serf says:

    Your blog is on target. We do use humor – sometimes because it’s just fun, sometimes as a cover, other times a crutch. I do not laugh to live and live to laugh. My personal view is I laugh to live and live to impact the lives of others. I try to use the medium of humor and stories to draw people close enough to hear my real message “You are loved! And because you are loved, you can love!”My mom had a great idea this Christmas for our family (16 total). We were to spend a maximum of $1.00 on gifts for each other, that’s only $15.00 total. The other money we would normally spend should be donated to meet a need of your choice.I’m “investing” food and clothes in an American Indian group (approximately 80 percent unemployment). non-member ‘rett

  15. serf says:

    Thanks for the comment on the TV. I crafted a reply myself and saw yours when I posted. You made an excellent point. I would say you hit close to the mark, but actually you established a different target, worthy of due consideration. TV is wonderful for furnishing information, but often, is sadly lacking in the stimulation of reasoning and expansion of cognitive processes. Personal opinion: The TV is a secondary source. Primary sources are written and verbal. Written generally means books, as the author has put more thought into what they’re communicating. They are also generally writing with their particular field of expertise. Verbal, which can include TV occasionally, consists of finding the right person and getting them to talk with you. I will give a brief example. On December 6, 1944 (61 years ago tomorrow) the Germans launched a last ditch offensive, code named Wacht am Rhein, against the Allied forces in Western Europe. I’ve been blessed to spend several hours talking with a solider that was there with the 101st Airborne. He not only provided knowledge but caused me to think about many things from a different viewpoint. This was real education!‘rett

  16. Christy says:

    You can call me Christy if that’s easier, Mike 🙂 I’ve sent you a lil sumpin sumpin. Every little bit helps 🙂

  17. Kelly says:

    I’m in. Will be sending you an email shortly. Great work. Must I always use my powers for good now? Kelly

  18. Tom Stormcrowe says:

    Big Mike, note the new URL here! I’m trying msn!

  19. Unknown says:

    Great blog, Mike! I’ll be joining up in some way. I checked out World Vision and they come up with shining marks. I am torn between the poor in the U.S. and in countries we have helped destroy… like Ghana, for instance.Your blog re. humor really resonates with me because that’s how I am. Gallows humor and "whistling in the dark" get me through a lot of scary situations. I used to chat a lot and being (or trying to be) witty and clever in chat often got me through down times. I might be sitting there with tears streaming down my face, but I was making others laugh and pretty soon I would also be laughing. I also clam up in unfamiliar territory… watching and waiting until I feel safe. But in the company of my family or close friends, well, there is nearly non-stop laughing.Hugs and bravo,MuMo

  20. Martha S. says:

    Cool blog. I’ve read about as much as I SHOULD be reading right now…being that I have finals coming up real soon. And a graduation. I am giving myself 2 weeks to spread the news of my upcoming graduation. At 35, I consider it a historical…(or is it hysterical?) event!

  21. Unknown says:

    thats a pretty cool site. I’m always amazed at how late I realize that christmas is all about me.

  22. cosmogrl says:

    I’ll e-mail you for more info 🙂

  23. Unknown says:

    I will donate as soon as I get on my feet. Right now, I am barely making ends meet. You read my blog once, so you have some idea what I have been going through… If you read through some archives (not that you have time to, lol) you will know just how bad it is… actually, I sugar coat it a little bit for the blog. Just last night ANOTHER druggie came by asking for a place to live {do I look like the Mission or homeless shelter?}. They all think I am a "mark" because I have a big heart and want to help people. I am just tired and now a nervous wreck on the verge of a breakdown. I am even thinking of leaving my hubby. What is really bad, is that I FINALLY have a chance for my kids to live here and I can’t because of all the drama. Gotta go cry now… sorry.

  24. Star says:

    Hi Ozzie,I’m not a member of your Ocularis Incognitus yet. I hope to be in a couple more weeks. I wanted to let you know that I do donate, not only at Christmas time by buying gifts for children through the school social worker and buying food or donating money to the local food banks, I also have money taken from my paycheck to go to United Way and participate in other ways throughout the year. There is so much hunger and hurt out there, that I can do nothing about. But I believe in Thinking Globally, Acting Locally so I do as much as I can for those around where I live. Congratulations on your "15 minutes"!Starstuff

  25. Nika says:

    HI. Sorry, I’m not yet ready to join your club. Would you mind taking a short, 5 question quiz about your blogging habits? It’s on my Dec. 28 blog entry. Thanks! Ariana

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