Congratulations everyone.




My time as a featured space is about to expire.  I won’t be famous tomorrow, but I will continue to try to be funny.  Sometimes that works, sometimes I suck at it.  Everyone is welcome to continue to visit and laugh (or not, on both counts).  And comment if you are brave enough.  I have been keeping a record and I have a huge list of new blogs to visit.  If you visited and left a comment this week you will eventually be seeing me at your site.




But some of you have made yourself heroes.  Heroes to me.  Heroes to your peers.  And most importantly, heroes to the people most in need of heroes.  Your names will forever be indelibly marked upon my blog (for what it’s worth).


Giving to charity is a very personal and private thing.  I respect that.  Many of you were spurred to action by my request.  I have received donations direct to me.  I have received emails with receipt details for direct donations.  I have received emails advising that donations have been made, but privacy maintained.  I have received money from famous people who have asked to be identified by a nom de plume.  I am also aware that many people are tied up with holiday commitments and end of semester activities (studying hopefully) and have indicated they will get involved when they have a few extra minutes.  Yesterday’s post shook a couple of stragglers out of the trees. 


Here’s who to congratulate









Progressive Pilgrim


Muse Monkey


Northeast Sue


Big Guy on a Bicycle




BIG Mike In Oz




Drum roll please


We have a goat and a share of a cow courtesy of 2 direct donations.  As soon as the eCheques clear I will be making our first group donation.  We have precisely enough in hand to purchase three goats.  I hope they send us a photo of the goats we sponsored so I can tattoo them and post them in a future blog.


Congratulation ladies and gentlemen (and that special person in the third row).  This has been a commendable effort. 




Stick with me.  My next post will be about an exciting event that occurred today.  It involves me leaving 3 children inside the house while I mow the grass.  What did Mr10, Mr7 and the pink princess get up to?  It’s a fascinating, disappointing, scary, educational adventure.  There will be a little bit of mathematics.  There will be a few tears.  But most of all there will be laughter.  Lots of laughter (Pilgrim put your drink down.  I don’t want coffee coming out of your nose again). 



My permanent post script


No matter how meagre your existence may seem, if you are reading this you are in a position to be a hero to people who need heroes more than you could imagine.  Click here to make a help difference.

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32 Responses to Congratulations everyone.

  1. says:

    hi ,i am a chinese student,i saw your blog,it’s great.and i think u can know more about china ,and i will help u ,however,i am improving my english by this !! L.J.from China

  2. Tom Stormcrowe says:

    Great post, Mike, but won’t you miss the fame and fortune? Or just the fortune? Is there any fortune?::GRIN:: Actually, featured space or not, there are occasions where you have made me verge on Rhino-Sinus Caffienation Discharge Syndrome myself!

  3. Unknown says:

    You are a real hero, Mike. Thanks so much for getting this up. Especially in the midst of finals, raising a family, being a husband, and being featured.Bewdy ripper bonzer, cobber! You are truly the ant’s pants.Hugs,MuMo

  4. Big Guy on a Bicycle says:

    If you can get a picture of the cow, too, you can put a proportional eye tattoo for the share we have in it.[Anxiously awaiting the mathematical hysterics]

  5. Suzanne says:

    Oh, I can’t wait to hear about what the kids got up too!

  6. Stephen says:

    NOTED! LMBO!I await your last adventure – anxiously…steve

  7. Stephen says:

    LATEST adventure … Sheesh!

  8. AO says:

    what are you waiting for? tell us about the kids’ adventure already…btw, suckah, mowing the grass this time of year? ha, winter does have its redeeming qualities after all.oh wait, i just remembered putting the christmas lights on the house when it was 30F and very windy. ok, i take it back… i’d rather be mowing than putting up the lights.

  9. BIg Mike In Oz says:

    Charles – I may not be the best person to teach you English. You will end up speaking with an accent and thinking that a thong is a piece of footwear.Stormy – maybe I should post a warning. "This blog should only be read with an empty mouth."MuMo – It’s a team effort.Big Guy – the cow has an exclusivity clause in it’s contract and it will only allow interviews and photographs with Newsweek.Suzanne – tick tock.Pilgrim – parenting is truly an adventure.nikared – 30F. That’s below freezing. That only happens in the top quarter of the refrigerator around here… even in winter. We occasionally (5-10 days total each year) get overnight minimums around 40F.

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