Simplicity is grand.


I wrote this a couple of weeks ago as a tool to remember the feeling of warmth that this event generated.


I collected the pink princess from daycare earlier than normal today.  It was afternoon rest time and she was still asleep when I arrived.  I knelt down and kissed her shoulder above the plaster and her eyes fluttered.  I kissed her cheek and she turned towards me, not yet recognising me as she slowly woke.  I whispered "Hey princess".  Her eyes lit up and she wrapped both arms around me.  


If you need more than that facial expression and that hug to be happy you are just plain greedy.


Simplicity is grand.

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34 Responses to Simplicity is grand.

  1. Al says:

    Kids are great!

  2. Fat says:

    I love this, it makes you truly appreciate the "small" things in life. Have a great day!~ Fat Chick

  3. Tom Stormcrowe says:

    Mike, you sound like a disgustingly good Dad!::GRIN::

  4. Kelly says:

    Aww…that is too sweet! I bet she is a daddy’s girl. =)Kelly

  5. Sue says:

    Hi Big MikeThank you so much for stopping by. I agree with your comment too. There are so many similarities in all religions. But my biggest whine is about the people that do not have a religion because they do not believe in God or any gods. Therefore they are making those of us that have beliefs take things down for their sakes. Well, bah humbug to them! They will not ruin our Christmas!Well, Merry Christmas! And God Bless you!

  6. Aynde says:

    Amen Brother Mike!!!

  7. Unknown says:

    I took a "baby nap" the other day during the football game. My 2 year old boy was tired, and crawled up on my chest while I was watching the football. We slept away a good chunk of the afternoon. It was the best nap, ever. You are right, Mike. Who could possibly ask for more?

  8. Kelly says:

    Best thing I’ve seen. Excellently written. Wow.Kelly

  9. Fat Cyclist says:

    only way that could be better would be if there were two of her. trust me on this.

  10. Unknown says:

    Jamie’s not been very well recently, full of a cold & stuff. He fell asleep on the sofa on Sunday. I went to pick him up to carry him up to bed. He rolled over, open his eyes, smiled the smile, then sneazed fully and wetly into my face.Ah the joys of parenting.Tim

  11. Christy says:

    Awww Tim!! That’s so sweet.. and gross!Mike, I love moments like this. Our Princess still sleeps with us, so I also love rolling over in the middle of the night, gathering her into my arms and falling back to sleep with her hair in my mouth.

  12. serf says:

    There are moments when God parts the curtains and we can catch a brief glimpse of heaven and faintly understand that only love will matter in the end.‘rett

  13. cosmogrl says:

    Ya know, 15 years from now it may not matter to the guy next door that your family adores you. The mailman probably won’t give a crap about what type of father you are. Perhaps even your preacher won’t be that genuine in his interest into your life. But to that little girl, you’ll be her everything—-her hero. And anything you’ve ever said to her, anything you’ve ever done for her, anything and everything about who you are will MATTER… her. It’s a worthwhile thing to be important in the life of a child….perhaps the MOST worthwhile thing…..*hugs*Wen 🙂

  14. Stephen says:

    Hmmm… Eyes lighting up and a big hug?Yeppers, that would do it for me…Cheers…

  15. Star says:

    There is almost nothing better then watching your child’s eyes light up when you come into a room. I always treasured every time my sons would see me when I’d pick them up at nursery school and they’d hollar Mommy and run to hug me! Or to hold a sleeping child! I’m looking forward to having that again when I have grandchildren. If my sons would just cooperate. LOL

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