Farewell old friend


I had a terrible loss in the family over the weekend.  Not the immediate, immediate family, but that next, dear old friend, circle of influence.  We had known each other since 1987.  Who was there when I flipped on the velodrome on the last bend?  You.  Who was there when I hit the deck and needed an ambulance ride?  You.  Who was there when I was sailing through the air in slow motion just waiting for my collarbone to break my fall?  You. 


But more than just being there for me in my times of need, you were also there in my times of triumph and glory.  And you were with my through all of the work that goes into the highs.  You shared all of everything for 18 fantastic years.  I will miss you immensely.


Have you ever had someone so precious to that you just know that even the best, best friend in the world can’t replace the departed best friend.  And so it is with shoes as well.  Thus, I bid a fond farewell to my Specialized cycling shoes.  There were cycling shoes before, and there will be more in the future, but these will always be THE shoes. 


They were top of the range when I bought them.  And they were originally paired up with slotted cleats to suit clip and strap pedals.  I bought a pair of Pearl Izumi shoes in 2001 but they have seen little of the outside world due to the enduring nature of my relationship with my special Specialized. 

These shoes had blue piping between the silver and black sections.  The right shoe shown here is missing most of that piping because it was melted off when I decided to take the ambulance ride.  Yes, they are pink laces.  These shoes allowed me to express myself with all of the flamboyance of a mullet-enhanced track sprinter. 



And then they were gone.


I awoke on Saturday morning to a sunny summer day and my plans for a 75km (46mi) ride were looking good.  Breakfast was over, dressed and ready.  I just had to pull on the shoes and get out the door.  I put on the right shoe and laced it up.  Then the left, but no matter how tight I pulled the laces the left shoe felt loose.  An inspection showed me a tragic and terminal failure in the bonding of body and soul, literally.



I set them gently aside, then searched for quite a while, dusted and donned the Pearl Izumi’s for the days outing.  Alas, it wasn’t the same.  It will never be the same.

My New Years Revolution.


Well, that was a close call.  16 points this week.  I nearly had to sprout mutton chops.  But all is well and the wieght continues to disappear.  Another 1.1 kilograms (2.4lb) this week.



My permanent post script


Everyone can make a difference.  A little goes a long way when you compare it to the nothing that these people have.  Click here to make a help difference.


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30 Responses to Farewell old friend

  1. Michelle says:

    i know exaclty how that feels 😦

  2. Tom Stormcrowe says:

    Hoists a glass, raises the toast, "ABSENT COMPANIONS"::SMASH GLASS::!I hate it when an old comfortable shoe dies on you !

  3. Sue says:

    Before 1997 I went through mt. bike shoes at a rate of about 1 pair per year. Then I got these Team edition specialized shoes. I still have them, and I haven’t used any other shoe since I got them.However, unlike your story, I’ve been hoping for the failure of these shoes for several years. They are no longer in the same shape they were, and they are no longer very comfortable. I’m tired of the closure system (laces with a huge tonge over them and velcro straps). I’m tired of the bright yellow color. I’m tired of having two different sized shoes (yep, I didn’t look when I purchased them; the left one is a 41 the right one is a 42). Anyway, I’m tired of several other aspects of the shoes as well (especiall how the right one bites into the front of my ankle).And yet, they won’t die. They must be the best made shoes in the history of cycling.The cleats are very worn, and I’m getting "premature ejection" from my pedals. I’m hoping that I won’t be able to get the old cleats out and will have to throw away the shoes.Botched

  4. tayfuryagci says:

    at first I thought: "oh Mike has lost a dear friend, I dunno how I would feel if .. died or if .. passed away" then I saw the picture of the damn shoe ! :D:D:D still, I’m sorry for your loss. 😀 I think it’s time I bought some cycling shoes (only to tear them apart in 10 years and cry after them :p)

  5. Suzanne says:

    Prehapps you can repair them?

  6. Laura says:

    I say re-lace your new shoes in the pink laces in honnor of your faithfull riding buddies. Or you could use pale purple laces…Peng

  7. Unknown says:

    It’s always hard to say goodbye. But shiny new shoes always helps to ease the pain. Certainly there are many more good memories to be had, and one pair of shoes should not be there to view them all. By the way, Specialized makes some of the best shoes out there.

  8. Unknown says:

    The best shoes I ever had were Netti ones. They were a fantastic fit and had a really stiff sole. When they were wearing out, I bought a second pair of the same. They were rubbish, uncomfortable, flexible and I could never get the cleats in properly.Shimano are poor as well. I have two pairs of shimano shoes and a pair of sandals. You’d think I would have learned but I didn’t.I agree with Rocky, Specialized Body Geometry shoes are the best. They are the most comfortable shoes I have. Jayne asked why I didn’t wear my Shimano winter boots for commuting. The answer is the Specialized ones are more comfortable.They have laces and velcro. I took the laces out a few years ago, to speed up transition in a triathlon, and have never put them back. The velcro works fine on its own.Tim

  9. Bryn says:

    R.I.P. your dearly beloved. I too thought u were serious that a *person* had died, i agree with Peng, relace your new shoes with those laces, thats if your new shoes have laces, i cant remember too many new pairs of cycling shoes with laces. Treat yourself mike to a pair of bright and colourful new sidi’s to remind yourself of those shoes that previously graced your feet, they deserve it.

  10. Nadine says:

    OOO I am so sorry for your loss. I know exactly how you feel. Losing your best friend is something you can not replace. I weep with you!Okay, I am a shoe freak! I own umpteen thousand pairs. From flats to spikes to a pair I like to refer to as my "Stripper" shoes. But my most favs are my Harley boots. In the beginning of my motorcycling days I went down a couple of times and if it had not been for those boots I would have broken my ankle. I have a scuff mark on the toe of the left one that I wear a as a badge of honor. It is there from shifting. My hubby wanted to polish it off!! Wait a minute!!I earned that scuff and I want the world to know I am not just a fender bunny but I ride my own!!Is duct tape an option? It is like life support in some cases, duct tape can give you a few more rides with your beloveds.If not, I know you will give them the proper burial that they so deserve.Big Okie Hug!!

  11. a says:

    sorry for your loss MIKE. hey, maybe you can get them bronzed and place them on your mantle like people used to do w/ their kids’ first pair of shoes… surely, you have some medals/trophies/ribbons from your track days to display along side them.

  12. Bree says:

    Ahh brings back memories of when I had to bid farewell to my tennis shoes the ones that did me so much good…every pair that came after them were never the same. It took me nearly 5 years to find my new best friends (and this is NO joke…friends actually swore of tennis show shopping with me)Although I’m in no competion…I weighed in at 8:30 sat morn and had lost 2.4 pounds…since then I have spent the weekend watching football and gambling…so therefore I have comsumed enough chicken wings and alcohol for a frat house. Its gonna be one long week at the gym…either that or I’m skipping weigh in this week

  13. Mrs. David says:

    With laces like that….I’m surprised they didn’t die of shame! They must have had the same moxie as their wearer! ;o) Are they repairable? Those shoe guys can work miracles, and for less $ than new ones….but then again….those laces…

  14. Laura says:

    Oh my. I was catching up on yesturday’s post, and was innocently scrolling when, BAM! I see the ‘biker shorts’ picture. Nothing could prepare me. Ha ha. I think the mutton chops would be a nice addition (if all else fails). Make sure to switch over the pink laces. They seem to be bringing you good luck… um.. yaWell, I know you can do it. The hardest part is going uphill… you are on your way.Sasha

  15. serf says:

    My first thought was to bronze them without the laces. Put the laces back in for added color.’rett

  16. Sus says:

    Just wanted to say hello. I am sorry to hear about your loss. My most sincere condolences. My favorite jelly shoes were shot down in a battle against a tank on the 4th of July, when I was seven. It was a tragic loss for me. I believe some tears were shed. Sus.

  17. cosmogrl says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss…. What will the epitaph read? And, will you replace them with another pair after you’ve had a period of mourning and healing? hehehe I’ve missed your blog–it’s good to be back in town! –Wen 🙂

  18. BIg Mike In Oz says:

    sweetstuff_here4u – it’s strange how women relate to shoe loss more than men do. Or is it?Stormy – I just have to pummel the new pair into line.Botched – these ones developed a strange bump under the ball of my right foot about a week ago. I suspected I would need to retire them soon. Maybe you could put the old shoes with the old bike when the truck accident happens.Tayfur – the stiff souls make a world of difference to your cycling performance.Suzanne – if I fix one spot they will just let go somewhere else. It’s time to retire them.Peng – The new shoes have velcro closures so I can’t, but I’ve put the old laces in the spare parts bucket just in case.Rocky – shiny new shoes cause as much pain as they ease. Blisters AHOY!Juvenile Tim-D – I started with Detto’s, then 2 pairs of Addidas (pictured with the track bike the other day), then these beauties and now Pearl Izumi. I think the Pearls are gonna make it. I took the laces out of the Addidas and replaced them with elastic for triathlons. That along with toe-straps was plenty of hold on the pedals.BiKnBrYn – it felt like a person had died.Velvettush2 – burial. Bah! Humbug! Ripped out the laces and flung ’em over the fence.nikared – we had a mildew problem in the storage shed and all the swimming, cycling and bowling trophies became Dodos. Maybe the shoes could be the starting point to rebuild the collection.mystico13 – hang in there with the weight. Do you weigh in this week, it will make next week look all the better.Unintelligentsia – If a man isn’t embarrassed about shaving his legs, a pair of pink laces is nothing. 2 decades is a long time and all of the bonding is brittle. My leg power trying to move my body weight is going to be enough of a struggle for a new pair of strong supple shoes.freckledSasha – I saved you from the worst of it. My other knicks are pale blue and the shadows really show off the … Oh, never mind.’rett – now we’re getting closer.Sus. – what is it with kids (and big kids) and bright coloured shoes. My daughter has about 5 pairs of those that can be seen from the moon.Wen – they’ve been replaced already. I’m not sure about the epitaph. But certainly, it will include details of benchmark achievements, like unassisted 50mph, 407 miles in 4 days. That kind of soppy sissy stuff.

  19. SarahG says:

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