I love my mum.


First things first.  I spelt the word that refers to my mother using the letter “U” as the middle letter.  This spelling has it’s foundation in the pronunciation of mother.  Listen to yourself.  Mother is pronounced muther.  No-one spells mother, muther.  But that’s how it is said and the contraction of mother, namely mum, is a phonetic contraction, as many contractions are.  I could revisit butt, fanny, thong, and pie but they’re old news.  US and Oz are so similar and yet extremely different, depending on how close you hold the microscope when making your comparisons.  Just like you think the right side of the road is the right side of the road.  Over here the right side of the road is the wrong side of the road, and the left side of the road is the right side of the road.  Confused.  Just remember that when you visit Australia it will probably be safer if you travel by bus.


On with the show.


I love my mum. 


Here’s one reason why.  I have 3 children, 2 jobs and 1 full-time study load.  My wife shares 3 children, has 1 job and 1 fulltime study load.  My mum lives 12 miles away and retired 2 years ago.  She has a perpetual need to please and help people which we exploit terribly.  My wife and I draw up our schedules together each semester showing lecture time, tutorial time, assignment time, reading time, work time, sleep time and exercise time.  This timetable is put alongside the children’s school/preschool timetable and any instances of a clash are referred to mum. 

Presto, babysitter. 

I love my mum.


My mum’s a bit crazy.


Here’s one reason why.  On the above babysitting visits she can’t just come over and sit on the comfy suede recliner watching Shark Boy and Lava Girl 3D with the house-wrecking team.  Nooooo.  She has to have a working bee.  A whirlwind dervish that leaves every last item in the house either put away or gleaming or both. 

Presto, sparkling home. 

My mum’s a bit crazy but I love her.


I love my mum.


Here’s another reason why.  Despite the fact that the temperature here currently ranges from 20°C (68°F) at night up to 30°C (86°C) during the day, during the nasty months of July and August when we have several days (sometimes a whole week) of winter, it commonly gets down to 5°C (41°F) and peaks at around 15°C (59°F).  This necessitates some pretty serious cold weather gear for cycling.  The ensemble of shoes, socks, knicks, undershirt, jersey and gloves just isn’t enough.  If you are riding before 8 am or after 4pm you need more.  Much more.  Arm warmers and shoe covers, minimum.  Maybe even a jacket and tights.  My club for most of my time racing was based in, and called, Caloundra.  We even ended up with a couple of small sponsors for the club.  The jerseys and skinsuits have all long since been disposed of, but the tracksuit top has endured.  Here is a picture.


Where is this going, I hear you ask.  Why do I love my mum this time?  I was reading a story over at Crafty Mrs Stormcrowe’s recently and it reminded me of a treasure in the bottom of my cupboard, then I was perusing a bit of Fat Cyclist and it reminded me of the same treasure in the bottom of the cupboard that dates back to my racing days in the ‘80s.  This was no coincidence.  I went to the cupboard and pulled out the memory.


My mum was a bit of a knitter.  20 years ago she offered to knit a jersey for me.  Oh God, here we go.  But anyway, I borrowed a friend’s long-sleeved woollen Gan trade jersey for her to have a look at.  We took a few measurements and mum calculated the number of rows and stitches and where to put everything.  I scribed our club jersey design onto a sheet of graph paper with matching dimensions to her rows an stitches.  Here are pictures of the front and back of the resulting creation.  Longer at the back to allow for the riding up when bending forward on the bike, 2 rear pockets, firm fitting sleeves that don’t flap in the wind. 


Presto, perfect training jersey (back then, and again soon when it fits properly). 

Chilly old July is coming around fast and I love my mum.


My mum’s a bit crazy.


Here’s another reason why.  Mum had the kids over at her house this afternoon for a swim while my wife was at work and I was out riding.  We went over to retrieve them and decided to stay for dinner.  My nephew was staying for 2 weeks and tonight was his last night, so we ordered pizza (yes, I know, zero points today for junk food).  When it was time to leave mum dashed off into the laundry to get something that we needed to take home.  It was a basket of clothes that she had commandeered from our laundry floor on Tuesday.  Everything was washed and either folded or ironed.  When we got home and I unloaded the ironing I found something that set in stone the crazy judgement against my mother. 


Hands up who irons t-shirts.  Fine.  Hands up who irons handkerchiefs.  Fine.  Hands up who irons casual shorts (not smart casual for golf days, sloppy casual for cutting the grass).  Fine.  Hands up who irons pyjamas.  Yes, that’s the question.  WHO THE HELL IRONS PYJAMAS?  Have a look at this picture of Mr11’s new PJ shirt (yes, Mr10 was promoted to Mr11 on the weekend). 


I can’t say for sure, but she may have used a spray starch on them. 

Presto, pyjamas ready to be worn to a formal. 

My mum’s a bit crazy but I love her.


She’s my mum.  And I love her.


What can I say?  There’s no reason for it.  That’s just how it is.  But there’s also a million reasons for it.  A million reasons I could never put into words.


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37 Responses to I love my mum.

  1. Sue says:

    Oh man that ‘s awsome! I’ve heard about people with ironing compulsions before, but I never believed they existed!A woman that well intentioned and active must have done some really embarrasing things to you when you were younger, eh? Eh?I’m thinking new knitted leiderhosen for your first day in highschool!Botched

  2. Courtney says:

    Wow, you have such a sweet ‘mum’. I wish that mine was like that. You are lucky to have her.And, oh my god, there are a couple of days in which the temp. gets below 50? I feel so sorry for you here in 10 degree Arkansas. (No, I don’t.)Re: your comment on my space – I would never invite her to a party where I have to share her with 25 other women. I want her all to myself, for a very long time.She is SO DAMN HOT.

  3. Courtney says:

    I just read your comment to me on Bob’s space, and I just have to say, thank you.I’m flattered.

  4. Tom Stormcrowe says:

    Mike, could you get your Mum to write down the pattern for Mrs Stormcrowe? She just read this post and asked me to ask you! I think she wants to make me a winter Jersey.

  5. Suzanne says:

    Well now you ready for that formal pajama party…

  6. cosmogrl says:

    Your mom is so sweet! Obviously, she finds great happiness in taking care of her children and that rocks. I think I can top the pj thing though—-get this—-my grandma (who is now 93 years old and still going) used to iron her……dun dun dun dun……sheets AND UNDERWEAR!!!!! I’m sorry, but as much as I love my grandma, she was a woman with waaaaaay too much time on her hands……:) — Wen

  7. Nadine says:

    I am envious. You have a terrific mother. That takes skill to be able to look at something and then knit it!! I have no pity for someone who lows temps are in the 50s!! One year, my husband loaded me up on his motorcycle and we headed out on a 90 miles trip for a Toy Run at Christmas time…..it was 32!! Calulate the speed at which we were traveling and the wind chill factor was like 7 below zero!! Thank God for my extra layer of insulation. But I guess that is what makes us all unique, we all have a different view of the world. And you are welcome to mine anytime!

  8. tayfuryagci says:

    hey mike, your mum sounds a lot like my mum! my mum irons pajamas too! but I really don’t think she would knit me a cycling jersey, she’s really against winter cycling 😦

  9. Unknown says:

    Mum’s are the best. Mine (I just visited last weekend) makes the most scrumptious breakfasts, and she dotes and fusses over every detail. She used to iron the jammies, and everthing else. Never the BVDs, but everything else. She’s a wonder.

  10. BIg Mike In Oz says:

    Botched – it’s not an ironing compulsion, it’s a perceiving yourself as being useful/wanted compulsion.Courtney – I’ve never been thanked for being a lecherous old man before.Stormy – I’ll see what I can do.Suzanne – I’ll have to get her to iron my bow tie.Wen – we only recently talked her out of ironing underpants.Velvettush2 – wouldn’t it be better if you all just went to California and Florida where the weather is reasonable. Just keep the hurricane bunkers up north.Tayfur – that’s only because your winter is different to ours. You know, with actual cold and stuff.Rocky – they’re great but sometimes border on stalker like, with the obsessions.

  11. Star says:

    You are very fortunate to have a mum like that. You can send her over here to my house anytime. I’d even pay for her airfare and room and board!

  12. Tong says:

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  13. Sue says:

    I like how everytime I check the comments on this post about your Mom, the words SHE’S SO DAMN HOT jump right out at me.I know Courtney-O was talking about Anjelina Joli, but it’s a funny that it appears in this context. I think this is why Nikared has taken a moral stand against . . . cross posting. Botched

  14. Nadine says:

    If we moved our three ring circus to a "warmer" coastal state……I would miss out on the tornadoes, droughts and wildfires. And I ask you, what fun would that be???

  15. a says:

    botched, thanks for clearing that up for me. you’re right, i read courtney-o’s comment and then went and re-read this entry to see what i had missed. not that i don’t think MIKE’s mom is HOT… well, not that i DO either… wait. nevermind.

  16. Margaret says:

    I was right there with her. I thought, she does all this for him and he calls her crazy?! Ungrateful, that’s the word for you.But ironing pygamas: TOTALLY insane!

  17. Unknown says:

    Just passing through… Hey count yourself lucky in the mom department…. I know too many people whose mothers are just never there for them… Anyway… have a great day… Vallerie

  18. Unknown says:

    That hand knit long sleeve jersey is the shizzle! I also raced bikes until about 20 years ago and I would kill for one of my old West Suburban Wheelman jerseys (west suburbs of Chicago, in case anyone cares). I don’t have any of my old jerseys or skin suits because a teammate/freind of mine continued to race after I quit and I "loaned" all my team clothes to him. Bummer.Sweet Mum youv’e got. My Mom is sweet too, but she lives 2000 miles away. Another bummer.

  19. kïrstin says:

    OMG! winter in august…imagine! i live in oklahoma right now, and august is blazing hot. august is summer in my hemisphere. mum…makes sense. im really an oregonian, just living here in oklahoma where they call the town of miami ‘mi-ama’oregon is pronounced ‘oregun’ by the ways. lizard

  20. Al says:

    Nice . . . BTW , I’ve updated my blog with another original piano composition! Enjoy!….oooO………………(….)…Oooo………)../…..(….)……..(_/…….)../……………….(_/…..© Al’s Accolades in Life ¸.•*´¨`*•.§¸.•*´¨`*•.§¸.•*´¨`*•.§¸.•*´¨`*•.§**(I feature original piano compositions on MSN Spaces every Friday. Enjoy!)**

  21. tayfuryagci says:

    blast you spammers! blast you and all those people trying to get traffic to their sites!

  22. Adrenna says:

    I iron everything but the panties. Oh and bras. Maybe that’s why I spend an hour a weekend ironing lol. She’s a godsend for sure. Hopefully you’ll be able to return the favor once your life settles down.. send mum to a spa! (and tell her not to do their laundry…)

  23. Unknown says:

    I don’t wear pajamas. Less to iron.My mom is great, too. I think most of can say that. But how about the mother-in-laws? My future MIL is bat’s. But then my fiance says the same about my mom. Strange how that works.

  24. Zed says:

    Me mum’s crazy too.

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