Hollywood controversy – the sequel


I’m in over my head with assignments at the moment so I’m phoning one in.  But I see no reason to not make it controversial.


Here’s a movie that probably wouldn’t need too much marketing.


My comment on this topic is as follows:


It’s incredible how differently homosexuality is perceived depending on which side of which fence it is being (a) conducted on, and (b) observed from.


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10 Responses to Hollywood controversy – the sequel

  1. Tom Stormcrowe says:

    Agreed, but the promary audience for this movie would be A) Guys, and B) Gay women. After the movie they’d all go shoot pool, and the dumber guys would wonder why they weren’t getting any action in a "target rich environment". Actually, you’ve got the making of a Great National Lampoon movie concept here::GRIN::

  2. Suzanne says:

    Since Hollywood is Hollywood, I think we are going to be so deluged with gay romance movies that we’ll be screamming for mercy

  3. cosmogrl says:

    Man, I’m outta town for a few days and I miss EVERYTHING!  Ok, that pic was hilarious and you right in what you said.  On the cycling stuff–my interest in this is growing.  While we were in Sedona I met an interesting man who is a cyclist.  He gave me a few pointers for my post – birth anticipated venture of taking up cycling….  We’ll see what happens!  It’s good to get back–I’ve missed this.
    –Wen 🙂

  4. Casey says:

    Me, I have little interest in the gay/lesbian cinema. 
    as for the idea of jessica/halle hmmmm I dont see the appeal. To hot woman with little interest in males let alone me? no thanks. I’ll stick with underworld 2 (lame as the movie is) I still have a slim snowballs chance in hell of scoring with Kate Beckinsale.

  5. Star says:

    That pictue so perfectly shows the hypocrisy of it all.  I used to dat a guy that thought homosexuality was just fine for women but was homophobic when it came to men.  Obviously it was because his sister was a lesbian.  He had rationalized the whole thing so he could accept his sister. 
    I’m not one to watch the sex act between anyone (would rather do it then watch it) , but watching something sexy and hot can be fun, no matter what the gender.  There’s a movie that came out years ago called Jeffrey, and it had some of the hottest scenes.  The sexual tension was incredible and it was between the men in the movie.  It starred the guy from the tv show, The Pretender and the goofy brother from the tv show Wings.  Patrick Stewart had a part in it also.  There was no nudity in it either.
    I figure, each to his/her/its own.  As long as there is love and respect…. no problem!
    Love, Light, and Laughter!

  6. cosmogrl says:

    Ahhh c’mon Casey!  Underworld 2 rocked!  I’ll be sure to tell Kate how adorable you are the next time I bump into her…..

  7. Unknown says:

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