Does it get any better?


Today’s entry is just a little diary scribbling… of probably the perfect day.


Today is Saturday… no work, no study.  No nuthin’ I don’t chose!


It was 11°C (52°F) overnight.  Cool enough to snuggle and sleep in.  So I woke at 8am.  Yes 8 o’clock.  My wife and 3 children were all still asleep.  Breakfast was leisurely.  I was joined by my daughter mid way through my cereal.  I set her up with a bowl of cereal and got ready for my ride.


I sat and watched music videos on TV with the kids until my wife woke at 9:45.  At about 10am I rolled down the driveway for my ride.  A solo 55km (34mi) despatched at a touch over 30kph (18.6mph).  The whole ride felt smooth and effortless, and my heart rate monitor confirmed it with an average of 131bpm.  Smooth and effortless.


Lunch was next up.  Then about 1:30 my wife and daughter left for a baby shower.  So the men of the house got down to some traditional Saturday afternoon men’s business.


The boys were kicking a ball in the yard while I tried to locate a water leak in my car.  While the degreaser was flowing I decided to give my trusty steed a tidy up as well.  The boys came out the front and were playing some bizarre form of tennis/brandy* on the road.  Smashing a tennis ball at each other – trying to maim.


With the car and bike sorted we went to the shops to get some supplies for dinner.


As we dragged the groceries into the house the girls arrived home.  I cooked dinner on the verandah while my wife kept the kids filing through the bathtub.  The picture is of dinner being cooked.  The inventory includes, bacon, eggs, tomato, onion, chicken and beer.  One stubbie of beer is all that is needed for a family BBQ, half for the cook and half for the cooking.


And just so you know, some time during the afternoon the temperature touched 25°C (77°F).  Obviously we are in the middle of autumn.


As I am writing this the children are hitting the pillows, and I am about to lay back in the recliner and watch a movie with my wife.


Like I said, today was probably perfect.


* just in case it doesn’t translate well, brandy is a game using (normally) a tennis ball to "brand" the other people.  It’s rules are very similar to tag, except for the extra pain.  Plus the fact that you can be tagged at distances further than arms length, although many brandings are barely more than arms length which adds more to the pain factor.  Just good healthy outdoor fun for the kids.


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17 Responses to Does it get any better?

  1. Tom Stormcrowe says:

    Hmmmm, we call that game "Dodgeball Tag"! By the way, save some of the Barby meal for me and the Mrs., we’ll be right over!::GRIN::

  2. Star says:

    Just as Tom said, we have dodgeball.  And the awful thing about that is it was a legitimate game in P. E class!!!  How cruel is that???  And we used basketballs and volleyballs, which HURT when hit by them.  Nowadays, the either don’t do it or they use nerf balls which don’t hurt. 

  3. Sue says:

    Somewhere, Paul Hogan is shaking his head in dismay; no shrimp.

  4. Laura says:

    Don’t you just LOVE days like that?!!  Everything going smoothly from getting to sleep in to chilling out in front of a good movie before turning in.  And actually accomplishing something in between!  We’re having an equally great day here.  It was 68 degrees this a.m. and is 82 degrees here now.  Too windy to take the boat out, but a great day to have the top down on Delilah (my conv. Mustang).

  5. Stephen says:

    Now, ya wanna be careful about asking a question like: "Does it get any better?"
    Making statements such as: "Like I said, today was probably perfect.”
    Because you see, what happens is, questions and statements of that ilk alert the Forces of Darkness that they have been lax in their efforts, at least in YOUR case.
    Soooo, my advice?
    Keep you head down for the next few days my friend…
    p.s. can’t WAIT to see that ‘I” go to lower case….

  6. uncadan8 says:

    Waking up in track ready condition? That is my perfect day!

  7. uncadan8 says:

    Your day sounded really cool. Here’s to many more!

  8. Nanget says:

    Brandy the ultimate test of reflex.
    I will go a little further than MIKe for those unfamilar.
    Brandy gets better when there a mulitple players in an open area, mulitple balls and water is added.
    The brand left by a wet ball to the back or upper back is quite a sight.
    Popular at school with all ball types.

  9. Nanget says:

    I meant to say upper arm.
    I was too busy reliving the glory days…

  10. Steve says:

    I was intrigued by the game of branding.  Is it safe to say that you need to put the kibosh on it when they start using cricket balls?
    May you have many more similar days!

  11. Suzanne says:

    I’m curious as to the mixture of breakfast and dinner?
    Do you have any recomendations as far as bikes go for a short woman?

  12. Mrs. David says:

    Many Happy Returns of the Day! (For once this makes some sense to say! People get sort of puckery and somber when I say it on their 43th birthdays and such.)
    My "do" is upright and alright; it is surprisingly low maintenance for such fantastic style.
    Now, I must ask…How Do You Do It? Things like garden weeds, cranky spouses and chronically chaotic closets are my plight when I add blogging to my family/work/school/life routine.

  13. cosmogrl says:

    Ok–that totally WAS a perfect day!  I had a pretty good weekend myself—it was actually somewhat relaxing!  YAAAY!!! 

  14. Unknown says:

    Now you can die after a perfect day like that!  NO NO NO!  Just kidding! lol

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