My head’s about to explode.


It’s 10am and by 4pm I have to hand in a 2000 word assignment.  I’ve had 15 weeks to get this done, so I guess it’s mostly my fault if my head explodes from the pressure.


Thus far I have a template showing that I should structure it with a 200 word introduction and a 200 word conclusion.  In between those 2 paragraphs I am supposed to reference academic resources and reflect on my own experiences to the tune of 13 paragraphs of 125 words each.  I have one paragraph of 72 words and several very catchy phrases that will go pretty well somewhere in this essay… hopefully.  


No big deal with my propensity for being overly verbose, except that the task is to address this statement:


A successful student may be a competent learner;

But a competent learner may not always be a successful student.


Thank you very much to Christine Johnson from the Let Me Learn Institute for that little mind bender.


So you may consider me unavailable.  Thus, in lieu of my normal wit, I offer some pictures that are making the email rounds.  Apparently the marketing department was playing on everyone’s dirty little minds when they developed these beauties.


Disclaimer:  If you are easily offended, why the hell are you here?  No, let me try again.  If you are easily offended, don’t look at the thumbnail shots below.  They’re not actually rude if you look close enough, but in my experience it’s the zealots that form an opinion after only a cursory glance.






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