What the…

If at first you don’t succeed; try, try again
.  Damn that phrase.  Let sleeping dogs lie.  That’s my preferred call to action – as it were.  But it doesn’t fit in this particular situation.

I’m a bit smart.  Intelligent, actually.  Brilliant, really.  A freaking Einstein is more to the point (In my humble opinion).  Which makes today’s news all the more distressing. 

University life is agreeing with me this time around.  Poles apart to when I went to university straight out of high school.  I had a terrible time.  I failed.  A lot.  But when I went back at the start of last year, I had a different motivation and a different perspective.  And I passed.  A lot.

After 3 semesters I have a GPA of 5.8 on a 4 to 7 scale (don’t ask).  Today I got an email which was a nasty shift in tempo.  I was advised that an assignment that I believed to be a rating 6 was in fact barely a 3.  If you noticed that the GPA scale starts at 4, you will have probably deduced by now that a 3 is a fail.  A bloody fail.  I have 2 weeks to resubmit it for a pass/fail result otherwise my entire semester for that subject will rest on the final assignment.  I don’t think so.

So tomorrow I will trundle over and retrieve the offending document, complete with mucho red pen, no doubt.  Then I’ll spend a couple of days sulking.  And then a couple of days tidying it up for a second pass at the umpire.

This is supposed to be a time to rest and refuel and bike ride.  A 2 week lecture break then 4 weeks to the end of term.  Now it’s a bloody working holiday.

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10 Responses to What the…

  1. Courtney says:

    I feel for you, man.  I had one of these myself recently.
    Hang in there.  You’ll still knock ’em dead!!

  2. Sus says:

    Hey Mike,
    Long time no hello.  Sorry to hear about the onslaught of unwanted red ink.  I am sure you will recover brilliantly and the offenders will realize how ridiculous their thoughts on your paper were.
    I have been updating my site recently.  Please drop by and say hello:)

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