surprises on the bike

Over at unholy rouleur Jim‘s place there’s been plenty of action.  In fact, I’d recommend that everytime you visit me and I haven’t published anything you should punish me by going to Jim’s.  This post is inspired by the most recent of Jim’s little outbursts where he gives an inventory of the many wonderous things his brain chews on while he’s commuting in D.C.

So… Here’s a list of everything I’ve seen on my rides during October.




Yep.  12 miles on the velodrome doesn’t throw up many surprises.  Or much fitness.

On the up side, university assignments will all be done and dusted by next Friday, then there’s only a 3 hour exam and a 3 week teaching prac.  So next week will be no riding; but instead, 8000 words of absolute academic hell.  If you’re into bikes here’s the mental image… Paris-Roubaix on a track bike.

After that I’m free as a bird until mid-February.  Let’s take an inventory of my planned summer starting now with the week ending 27 October and call it week 0.

I suspect that some weight loss and fitness gain may occur on the schedule I’ve put before the committee… during weeks 1 to 4 (when I’ll be tied up with 15 days of teaching and a 3 hour exam for Discrete Mathematics) the plan is to ride a minimum of 30km per day.  After that I’m looking at hitting over 500km per week from week 5 to 16.

There’ll no doubt be glitches.  The postal work gets a bit intense for a couple of weeks leading up to Christmas but there are a lot of daylight hours so the bike won’t be totally neglected.  Then there’s the week away at the start of January, but again, I have gained spousal approval to bring the bike along.  Then there’s my legendarily slothful temperament, but my wife (ain’t she great) has agreed to beat the crap out of me if I slack off.

So it’s looking like a great summer.  And to top it all off there’s a new pair of Carnac Carbon track shoes on eBay that look a lot like they’re gonna belong to me.

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