What were they thinking

I just heard a news report on the radio on the way home from work this morning.  It has to qualify the person involved for a Darwin Award honourable mention.
A cleaner at a local resort caused an explosion that rocked the entire building when they mixed hydrochloric acid, caustic soda and chlorine.  Miraculously, no-one was injured in the blast.
I would never consider mixing 2 of those chemicals together, let alone all 3.  It kind of makes you wonder what the stain was that they were trying to remove.
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37 Responses to What were they thinking

  1. serf says:

    We use all three of these chemicals in our work.  Common safety practices recommend storing acids (HCl) and bases (NaOH) separately due to the possible fire, explosion and dangerous fumes.  Throw in a strong disinfectant (NaOCl) and the problems multiply.  Mix acid (HCl) with bleach (NaOCl) and deadly chlorine gas is created.  It’s a wonder someone wasn’t severely hurt

  2. scoobie likes says:

    lookp in a ornge tree

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