A sigh of relief.

Well then, that’s that.  Semester over.  In a 13 week semester I managed to hand in 5 assessment items in weeks 16 & 17.  I know.  Naughty, naughty.  But the good part is that when you hold back that long it’s only a week until the results are published rather than over a month. 

Worse than not finishing the work on time was what I was up to when I should have been writing all those essays.  Me and my bike are very, very naughty.  I rode and rode and rode. In week 14 & 15 I managed to ride so far that I developed tendonitis in both achilles tendons.

So I can claim credit for riding 1111.25km in June (that’s 690 miles for those of you reading this in a less modern country).  Also, since it’s winter distance I think it should be double credit.  Plus, better than a big spike in one month is consistency over time and for the 3 months to the end of June I racked up 2887.84km.  Ain’t it strange how I put on 7 pounds in that 3 month period.  Obviously riding that distance is counter-productive if the bulk of the distance is commuting from the bakery to McDs to the fridge.

The best part is that it’s right in the middle of winter and I haven’t been scared off the bike yet by the weather.  The rest week was a medical rest, not a sissy-boy fretting about the rainy-poos.  Over the last 4 weeks I’ve ridden in pouring rain (3 inches in 24 hours) and bitter cold (7°C/45°F).  Not quite freezing, but I’m not a penguin either.

The best news is that I’ve got another 2 weeks of no university.  That’s 15 days of me and my bike.  If I can hold back on the cheeseburgers I should see some grand improvement.  I’m excited.

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