cyclists and fat cyclists

A while ago Elden over at developed a jersey for his blog readers.  More recently those jerseys were made and shipped.  Around the time of shipping Elden noted in a blog entry that the biggest market for his jersey outside the USA was Australia.  I’m not surprised.  Australia is famous for supporting anything the USA does.  I’m pretty sure we’ve gone and waged war in all the same countries over the past half dozen decades or so.

So it seems only natural that we’d also support the whole jersey wearing genre.  Since there were a few hundred jerseys made and with Australia having 20 million people on a land mass nearly as big as the USA I figured the chances of me seeing another fatcyclist jersey was fairly minimal.  But to prove the extent of fatty’s reach and power I’ve attached a photo from the club race I was at on Sunday morning.

Gordon (on the right) is a lurker over at, but now he knows me and he recognised my handle from the comments.  I guess I’ve got to watch my mouth from now on in.  And the level of accuracy in the stories I tell.

Someone who saw the photo commented that Gordon appears to be leaning away from me and looking slightly frightened.  I have several theories on that… Hopefully it’s just that we were standing on uneven ground in bike shoes.  Or maybe he’s trying not to waft his stink onto me since he had just finished his race.  Or he’s worried about the strain on my zipper and he didn’t want to lose an eye when it lets go.  But my money’s on him not wanting to associate with me because I spent most of his race on the corner just past the start/finish cheering him on with gusto and enthusiasm using such phrases as “go fatty” and “fatty rules”.

On the topic of tall tales and true stories, I have posted the first (?) southern hemisphere race win for team  It was a club criterium with a glorious 3 length win in the sprint.  If you must, I guess you could mention that it was C grade.  But I suited up again 15 minutes later and came 3rd in B grade.  At the presentation after the races it was mentioned that my C grade win gave me 5 wins from 9 starts.  I then pointed out that of the other 4 races I had suffered punctures in 3.  Therefore my hit rate is more like 5 from 6.  Apparently I should have kept my mouth shut because now I’m not allowed to ride C grade any more.  So I’ve been promoted from being a quick finishing C grader to a fat B grader who can’t climb hills.

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30 Responses to cyclists and fat cyclists

  1. Boz says:

    Good work on whipping the C bunch, I’m sure after seeing those quads that the B group will be feeling the pain soon, also. It seems we ride to and rise to the level of the challange. I’ve also ran into 2 differnet FC jersey weares, thou I haven’t talked to either one, as they were going the other direction.

  2. Tom Stormcrowe says:

    Mike, it won’t be long til you are kicking the bums bums!!;)

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