nearly a race report


I was racing again last the weekend.  On the track no less.  So rather than one dismal performance on the road there’s actually ten quick dynamic races to discuss.  Sadly, while I’ve completed all my exams for this semester I am still neck deep in lab reports so I’m out of circulation for another couple of days.


But I can entertain you in a surreptitious manner.  While I was taking a mental stretch from the physics I was cruising the WWW.  I can’t even remember how I arrived at this destination but none the less I have discovered a treasure-trove of witty videos.


Here’s my favourite from the few I perused during intermission.  There’s lots more there and they’re all cross linked just like YouTube so have fun and I’ll be back towards the end of the week with a race report that’s not to be missed.


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21 Responses to nearly a race report

  1. Ron says:

    Yeah, live leak is pretty cool. Hope you got your lab done :)-Ron from Cozy Beehive Cycling Blog

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