The Clock’s Ticking


As I type this it’s 163 hours (less than a week) until my first track championship in 18 years is decided.  My heart rate became elevated just typing that sentence.






Who knows?  For weeks now, most nights in my twilight as I’m going to sleep I slip into race mode; visualising one of the 2 events I’m most likely to do well in.  It’s always a good result – a clean, sharp start; a strong, fully wound up sprint.  The times I’m doing in training are improving and are within sight (but not grasp) of national records.


I spent several hours yesterday and today working on the track bike.  Gluing new tyres on the race wheels my sponsor has given me; set out the right gearing for each event and arranging chains the correct length for each ring and sprocket combination.  I rebuilt the bottom bracket and did several standing starts outdoors and some 200rpm spin-ups to settle it in.  All that’s left is to retape the bars.


I’ve found some sexy new red shoes but they won’t arrive in time to set them up and get used to them.


It’s time to go to bed; my last open race before the titles is tomorrow night.


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