Three things and a clock

May the Good Lord strike down with a plague of locusts upon the puss heads who broke bottles on the bike path my daughter & I ride to her school.


I love the motorbike at the velodrome.  All the pursuiters in the world can grind along for several thousand metres at their dismal 50-52kph.  I’ll take a trip behind the motorbike for 3 laps and touch 64kph.  Repeat 5 times.  Kiss the bike goodnight knowing Friday is State Championship time and the legs are humming.


Hallelujah for the RACQ.  I was dressed perfectly for my ride at the velodrome tonight.  Except the 90 minute wait to have my car unlocked afterwards.  At 9:30pm the wind was over 30kph off the ocean and I was in my single layer of lycra.  There was plenty of warm stuff in the car… with the keys.


The clock.  In less than 48 hours the first of the three state championships I’m competing in will be decided.  Please refer to the last four words of the second paragraph for an assessment of my chances.

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24 Responses to Three things and a clock

  1. Boz says:

    Good luck and ride safe. Write us a good story about your victory!

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