It’s officially over.


For one of us.


My darling wife finished her final teaching prac late in March, then had an interview with a panel from the regional office of Education Queensland the following week.  She then spent days filling in all the paperwork to gain provisional registration followed by a subsequent period of 3 weeks moping around the house waiting for confirmation.  Once that arrived she started on the “I’m female and my English/SOSE qualification makes me a cliché” rant.  After the mid-term holiday she called regional office to advise that she was available to work.


They didn’t ring her back!


Because they offered her a referral on the first call.  Here’s an excerpt from the teacher orientation pack discussing the student demographic of the school where she was offered an interview.


XXX is one of the lowest socio-economic areas in Queensland.  According to the most recent census, there are over 700 single parent families and other families (grandparents, extended families) residing on the island.  The impact of this is that many of our students are from separated families, either living in single parent homes or with relatives, e.g. grandparents.  25% of the islands population are pensioners. Six of our students are currently in foster homes.  There are over 700 housing commission homes on the island.


A number of students come from homes where their parents are 2nd and 3rd generation unemployed, and do not value education.  Generally, the student population is not very academic, therefore, we have programs to cater for the non-academic stream of students.  The unemployment rate for teenagers in the local region is quite high.  Despite the school having a number of at risk student, destination studies indicate that rate of unemployment over the past three years has been 7% on average for our students.


So yesterday at 6am she drove away for her first day of fulltime work in nearly 14 years.  Based on her confidence level and the description of the school I was prepared for tears last night.




It’s going to be great.  Apart from the 170km round trip each day.


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50 Responses to It’s officially over.

  1. Boz says:

    Nothing like a little gainfull employment to put a little steam in a guy’s stride. Congrats!

  2. Unknown says:

    welcome to MY world.
    although I think they should’ve included something on violent acts perpetrated by the student body and number of children on probation.
    that’s the kinda stuff I need to know…

  3. BIg Mike In Oz says:

    This Australia so we don’t just go around randomly offing each other.  That said, I only quoted the first 2 paragraphs – the diatribe filled 2 pages.  And it was full of stats on levels of state enforced foster care, students in alternative pathway classes.

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