Fat man break bike, go boom


Here I sit in a pool of tears diluted with blood.  There’s some pix at the bottom.


All I know is that I’m glad what happened didn’t happen Friday when I was doing standing starts.  0-55km/h in a 53×17 would not have ended well if it had coincided with shearing a pedal axle.  I’m not sure when I bought the pedal but it’s around 2 years ago so I’m stuffed for warranty.  I’ll send Look the pedal and a nice calm letter and see what happens.  I would have hoped that when the pedals reached the end of their working life they could have signalled me with a rough bearing or a broken spring rather than breaking a chrome-moly axle.


Just as fortunate as not happening during an interval session is that it also didn’t happen on the Saturday group ride of 80+ that I was planning on doing.  As luck would have it, it happened on the way to the big group when I was in the company of one other rider rather than 10 minutes later in the middle of the whole group.


As with all little accidents there’s expense beyond the pain and embarrassment.  In this case I’m out over $1000. 


Jersey $60

Pedals $150

Helmet $250

Shoes $250

Mobile phone $600 (I just got a new one in February on a 2 year contract so the replacement will need to be an outright purchase)


As a student, that hurts more than the elbow, knee and hip.


The biggest surprise, given the nature of the event, is that I didn’t rack the boys.  There’s no scratches or bruising whatsoever on the inner thighs or groin.  All in all the injuries are minimal but a bit weird.  Here’s a list of actual issues with the associated WTF outcome

Jagged pedal axle stubno gashed leg

Shredded jersey shoulderno scratches on upper body

Perfect knicksscratches, grazes, bruises on upper right hip

Shattered helmetno head ache

Classic downward momentum crashno crushed nuts

Fat man sprawled in middle of major intersectionno rednecks laughing out of car windows


The best part is now I’m a real bike rider again.  I haven’t crashed in a decent manner since I did my collarbone in June 1990.  Any crash that can be accurately describe using the work topple isn’t a real crash.  Stupid stuff like stalling out in the driveway or touching a toe on a front wheel.  But shattering a chrome-moly axle under acceleration and spearing over the handlebars is definitely on the radar.


These photos are shown in the order they would have occured on the road


Here’s the dodgy component that started my spectacular involuntary dismount.





Here’s the first thing to hit the ground.  This shot was taken at t=crash + 3hr.  Needless to say the shoe is stuffed and the toe, 48 hours later is still changing colour.





That’s the fleshy part of my right hip.  Strange that the knicks only have 2 pin holes.





Here’s the most obvious of the cracks in the helmet (note the silver sticker is in 2 pieces).  I’ve counted over 30 cracks as well as the compressed section that took the direct hit.





Needless to say, as a brain challenged trackie I went home and had a shower then straight to the bike shop to buy a new helmet and off to the races in the afternoon.  The shave-legged equivalent of "when you fall off the horse, get straight back on."  That was Saturday and I didn’t end up racing.  My 9 year old dropped me on the first hill of the warmup course. 


I got back on the horse again Sunday for a light 30 minutes with the junior skills squad.  A couple of short sprints using the same restricted gears as the kids.  Man spinning isn’t comfortable when you’re bashed and bruised.


And I got back on again today.  A public holiday signals a longer road ride with the junior squad.  Today it was decided would be a hill climb which is just what an injured trackie wants to hear.  So I ground my way up 7km of 6-10% switchbacks.  I was chaperoning my 2 boys on their first trip up this monster climb.  They were both climbing side by side in the beginning until Mr 13 bailed after about 2km of climbing.  An honourable first attempt since he’s had head aches all week and been sleeping 15 hours a day.  When I stopped to help load him into a vehicle I told Mr9 to keep going and I’d catch up.


I was mobile again in about 2 minutes but it still took me over a kilometre to catch him.  When I’d left him there was a 13 year old girl and her father about 100 metres up the road from him.  When I caught him he was riding alongside the daughter and actively backing off to stay with her on the steeper bits.  I rode up with her father chatting until the last kilometre when Mr9 said he couldn’t pedal so slow anymore and accelerated… mean old dad hadn’t considered providing a granny gear so he was slugging it out on a 39×25 bottom gear.


It took me while to catch him then he asked how far to the top.  I wasn’t exactly sure but guessed about 600m and said so.  He sat down and had a drink then asked how he’d know the finish.  I told him he could see the coloured jerseys of the others from about 150m back.  At that moment we both caught a glimpse of red up the road, his bike went clunk-clunk-clunk as he got out of his seat and dropped halfway down his 8 speed cluster.  And he was gone.


He smoked me by over 10 seconds, and his total time of 34 minutes flat is only 7 minutes slower than my fastest time over the past 3 years.  All that from a 45kg 9 year old wearing unlaced sneakers.  Yes, you heard right.  I haven’t spent money on fancy pedals and shoes for them yet.  Yet.  Here’s a picture of the boys at home after the ride.



Sorry about that.  After I posted the last photo I realised it’s a bit hard to tell the difference between Mr9 and Mr13 based on size and stature.  Mr13 is in the blue helmet.


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9 Responses to Fat man break bike, go boom

  1. Boz says:

    OWWWWWW!!!!!! I’ve had plenty of gravity pulls, but never from a broken pedal. Usually it’s from my own volition, or clumsiness. Heal up soon.

  2. Kelly says:

    AND THEN YOU GOT BACK ON?When I started reading my unfortunate thought was, "Wow. I sure hope he shows injury pics." I’m not proud of that moment, but uhh…thanks for the pics! Hope your big toe stops changing colours and you heal nicely.

  3. Frana says:

    Eww! that toe looks yucky! I hope you heal up soon!

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