My babies are all grown up.

Ms 7 first… I was a couple of minutes late going to collect her from school this afternoon.  Nothing unusual there except that for the first time her bike wasn’t locked (I didn’t notice the lock was missing until we had ridden all the way there this morning) so she had taken it upon herself to ride home.  I met her just short of halfway riding side by side with another 7 year old from her class who lives in the next street to us.  His parents were trailing along 50 metres behind fortunately.  But she’s getting mighty independent all the same.

And the boys…I was excited at the start of the year when Mr 9 asked if he could start racing like me.  That was January, and he went to a few skills sessions on the ride-to-school-beater accompanied by Mr 13 on a similar rig.  When they stuck with it for more than a month I asked if they were going to keep it up and got 2 big smiles and nods. 

So I started looking around for bikes.  The junior development officer of the club sourced a 650c road bike that became ours for $300.  I then set about Frankensteining my parts bin and an old frame into something decent for the second.  That was late February and they’re still at it.  Decent bikes but ridden in sneakers with old toe clips and toe straps.

So last week I took the next step and found some good pedals and second hand shoes.  I set them all up on Tuesday while the boys were at school.  When I got home from uni they were out riding around the street and after nearly 2 solid hours neither of them had had the awkward experience of failing to unclip and taking the slow-mo topple that usually accompanies a first exposure to this technology.

Now the garage has even less hope of fitting cars in it.  Between my 4 bikes, the boys 3 each and my daughters 2 there’s barely room to store the lawn mower, let alone a pair of family sedans.

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33 Responses to My babies are all grown up.

  1. Frana says:

    What a great family thing! what about the mom/wife? Does she ride?

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