Found and Lost… some more

Here was me thinking I was a cycling guru.  Then I’m wheezing and puffing up the slightest incline cursing all the surplus calories I’ve inhaled at the campus cafeteria.

And worse than all that is my habits.  All my good habits.  Riding habits.  Are gone.  I was 5 minutes down the road yesterday when I realised I didn’t have gloves or glasses.  I spent the whole miserable ride pondering the stupidity that caused me to have to squint into the glare and shaking the numbness out of alternating hands.

I hope I get smart again in a hurry.

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14 Responses to Found and Lost… some more

  1. Boz says:

    My mother had a sign posted on the fridge when I was a kid that said " a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips". I wish I had paid more attention, because gravity never forgets. 

  2. Shar says:

    Oh yes, you should maybe get organised & cut up some fruit or some carrot sticks to chomp on.
    Love your little sis

  3. Amanda says:

    OMG I had a giggle that is so me come summer.  Every Winter I say, nope this year I am going to go to the gym,  Well this winter I have started, my bottom was nearing the back of my knees, my fitness level was at my ankles along with my boobs so rolled them up stuffed them in a sports bra (2) and put on a pair of tight nicks and off I went to the gym.  Yahoo…..NOT

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