war wounds go wild


Here I was being a conscientious parent.  And cyclist.


I wanted Mr13 back on the bike promptly before the reasonably minor physical trauma of his crash grew into a significant case of mental trauma.  To that end I planned on taking him back to the velodrome tonight to exorcise his demons.  During the day he complained consistently and persistently enough to his mother that she took him to the doctor.


Apparently that innocent looking friction burn on his backside has somehow become infected.  And the good doctor gave him until Saturday off the bike.  So I ventured south with Mr9 in the freezing cold to circulate intermittently for 2 hours in search of strength and fitness.  I found something while I was out there but I’m not sure if it’s even a distant cousin of my long lost fitness.  But I feel better for having made the trip.


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25 Responses to war wounds go wild

  1. Frei says:

    Big Mike, seu jeito de falar, o modo como se refere aos seus filhotes, seu sorriso grande e franco! Gostei muito. Voce e sua familia, sao lindos! Parabéns!

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