The mountain of my discontent

Today I rode the mountain of my discontent (top left, click show then elevation profile) for only the 3rd time this year.  Fortunately for my ego I didn’t have to ride against the clock today because I was chaperoning the juniors.  My first visit this year was a solo 27:46.  Next was as a junior chaperone in May when my 9 year old in sneakers managed a 33:57 for which I was thankful.  The same day my 13 year old also in sneakers bailed after 3km of the almost 7km climb. 


I’ve brought the boys into the 21st century and they are now riding Look Keo pedals and Vittoria shoes.  Today Mr9 pulled the plug at just under 4km; probably because of a belly full of cake from a birthday party the day before.  Mr13 took some coaxing but made it all the way under his own steam in 39:40.  Again I was grateful because at a slightly grotesque 120kg, I’m running 12kg (27lb) heavier than March.


This is the same climb that was recently contested as stage 3 of the Tour de Sunshine Coast with the slowest Masters D grade competitor finishing in 28:11.  Yes slowest.  And that time includes a 1.5km lead up to the actual climb.  The same climb that I consistently broke 17 minutes on as a teenager.


The names of the adults have been masked to protect the outcomes.  If a real name appears, it’s a kid, and by definition reasonably young.  There was one 16 year old, one 14 year old and the rest were under 13.


Dad 1




Dad 2












Dad 3




Dad 4


Mum 1




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17 Responses to The mountain of my discontent

  1. Amanda says:

    Wooo – way to go Big Mike. 

  2. Brittany says:

    good job

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